Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dixie State University

Mike's new office at DSU is in the Jeffrey Holland building added to the campus in Feb. 2013.  Dixie just moved up to a University from a College the month Mike was hired.  He is so excited to start.  His office building has amazing views of St. George, especially the gleaming white temple!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

St. George

Okay, I knew we were moving to the desert, but I didn't realized what that meant!  It was hotter than heck unloading the truck.  Thank goodness for our new ward members.  The Jedora ward must have training on moving in Elders quorum or something.  They had the truck the truck unloaded in 30 minutes!  It was awesome.  We were so grateful for their help and then the fun of unpacking fell to me.

We were glad to have Matt, Shannon, Carter, and Ashlynn to come help!  

While Shannon and I worked, Matt and Mike took the kids to the pool/hot tub.  Our new neighborhoods biggest bonus is the pool right over our back fence!  We feel like we have our own private pool.  

Moving Day

After only a year in Stockton, CA we had to say goodbye.  We had AWESOME ward members show up to pack the truck.  What would we do without the Church!!!  Gpa Tom and Gpa Larry came too to help drive the moving truck and van to Utah.
Christopher, our next door neighbor, had become a great friend to the boys.  He helped pack the truck and made their last night fun.  

After quick showers, we hit the road.  We wanted to beat the heat and travel at night and early the next day.  On our way out of CA we saw this cool airplane graveyard.  

For Dinner we stopped at Murray Farms and had hand pies and cobblers.  What a fun little stop. 
The next door we pulled into St. George, UT our new home!

San Francisco

We had to leave Boise eventually, and head back to California to pack up the house and get ready for the move.  Luckily we were able to bring Uncle Rod, Aunt Michelle, Shawn and Mikayla with us.  We had so much fun.  We played in San Francisco one day.  We tried to hit as many highlights as we could.  We did Pier 39, a park along the beach, Lombard street, and china town!  Phew, it was a full day!
Scheels!  In Reno, and quick stop on our way to Stockton.

While Rod and Michelle's family did the aquarium, the kids and I did some sight seeing.  We found Ghirardelli factory and enjoyed a yummy Sundae.  Then we checked out one of the piers with different kind of ships.  I HEART ships, which is funny since I don't like being in water.

There were many street vendors selling their wares.  We were so shocked to find a lady selling bracelets, and she had one made with Caleigh's name!!!  Crazy!  

Before we left SF we found china town and ate dinner and walked through the shops.  

What a fun day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

4th of July...2013

We Love spending the 4th with family!
We started the day at a parade in Middleton.  The kids got tons of Candy and some of us got wet!  Eek!

Then it was off to grab some lunch, and head to a park.  The Star firefighters (Uncle Chris included) provide the water fun.  The kids got to shoot the hoses into a bucket, and play in the water tubs.  It was so fun!

Then we headed back to Gma and Gpa Head's house for a BBQ, homemade ice cream, and some good old firework show.  

  First we had to do a parade!  

 Then Bubbles

Sam entertained us with some parkour, and Uncle Rod tried but...

Then when we had exhausted all of our activities, the "boot-kicking" began.  The rules of the game are simple...who can kick the boot the farthest.  Ryan's demonstration was excited, since he kicked the boot into the spectators.  Hahaha.  Ooops!

Finally it was dark enough (not really) for sparklers!  


These boys were happy to help with the fireworks.  Good thing we had our own fireman on hand.  It was so fun, and I love all these cute faces!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Catching up with Friends

While we were in Boise, I really wanted to touch base with an old friend.  Melissa Turley and kiddos!  Melissa and I were friends years and years before when we lived in Boise.  Caleigh and her daughter Zoe were the best of friends.  It was so fun catching up again.  
The kids were so shy at first.  It had been 4 or 5 years.  But, they eventually warmed up to each other.  By the time we needed to leave, no one wanted to part ways.  I felt the same way!  

2013 Cousin Time...

Yep, I'm still stuck in 2013!  Well, the blog is at least.  I have missed blogging, and I realized our family journal is suffering.  So now it's time to catch up a years worth of activities.  Hahaha...

When we got back from Cedar and house hunting it is was time for some "cousin time."

We did swimming and movies with Ashlynn and Shannon.

Diving Contest!  I See three winners!

On Sunday Ryan made up a fun paper airplane activity.  Elliot was the Winner!!!  She was thrilled with all of the attention, and proud to have a new found skill.  

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A trip to Cedar City

While the boys were playing in the woods, the girls headed to Utah to check out St. George and try to find housing for the upcoming move.  

Tress lives in Cedar City and played Hostess for Gma Marie, Elliot and I.  (We had dropped off Caleigh with Aunt Shannon and Ashlyn).  

Tress showed us a great time.  We hit a green show at the Shakespeare Festival, a movie night, and swimming.  Every night she cooked us a yummy dinner with tons of produce from her garden.   

During the day we would head to St. George to look at rentals.  Elliot was such a good sport we took her to TJMaxx to buy a prize.  She ended up picking out a tattoo kit.  She loved giving everyone tattoos!  

We didn't find a rental, but got to see family (thanks to Lucas for driving us around, and Kiva for watching Elliot).  It was a good trip, and got Elliot and I excited to move to St. George.

Cabin Trip 2013

The boys talk about this trip for months.  They have such a great time, and come home with many stories and memories.  This trip was injury-free, thank goodness!  Uncle Matt brought his tree camera and got a lot of great pictures.  One of them was a mamma moose and her calf.  

 The scout pond is a great place to fish and relax.